Welcome to DiagnosticON


Strong alliances with academic institutions

We are deeply committed to forging strong alliances with academic institutions as part of our innovation journey. We truly believe in the synergy of academia and industry, which can ignite the spark of innovation and drive meaningful advancements in healthcare.

One of our core strategies is collaborating on grant applications with universities. By combining our industry expertise with academic research prowess, we aim to secure funding that will enable us to pursue trailblazing projects in AI and healthcare, projects that have the potential to reshape the way we approach diagnostics and treatment.

In addition, we're proud to provide a thriving environment for Master's, and PhD students, and postdocs. By offering part-time employment opportunities, we facilitate the integration of theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in the professional setting. We see this as a win-win: students and postdocs gain practical experience and enhance their skills while we benefit from their fresh insights, creativity, and up-to-date knowledge of academic advancements.


Internship opportunities

We are eager to provide internship opportunities to the next generation of talents. Interns at our company can expect to work on meaningful projects, learn from seasoned professionals, and gain a deep understanding of the role AI can play in healthcare.

In partnering with universities, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures innovation, fosters learning, and ultimately contributes to our mission of revolutionizing healthcare through predictive AI. We welcome conversations with institutions that share our vision and look forward to exploring the possibilities together.

  • Are the internships at your company paid?

    Yes, we believe in compensating our interns for their valuable work and contributions to our team. Our internships are therefore paid.

  • Do you accept applications from international students for internships?

    Absolutely, we welcome applications from talented students across the globe. We believe that a diverse team leads to diverse ideas, which fuels our innovation. We offer global support to ensure a seamless experience for our international interns.

  • Is there a possibility for employment following an internship?

    Yes, indeed. We always appreciate the opportunity to retain dedicated, talented individuals. Our interns often make significant contributions to our projects and, when possible, we are eager to transition those high-performing interns into full-time roles upon completion of their studies. It's worth noting that the potential for such transition often depends on the current needs and resources of our company.